She Walks

Written by Tim Hoffman |

•~•♥• She Walks •♥•~•


She walks, her beauty seen

Subtle, yet perfectly pristine

She walks, with a glimmering light

Illuminating my darkened night


She walks, humble in her ways

Her sight- brightens my days

She walks, with Angels above

Her beautiful heart...

Heightens my love


She walks, shining from within

How I long to touch her silken skin

She walks, a smile upon her face

That of which, I love to trace


She walks, where no one dares

No word describes or compares

She walks, beauty in her heart

Transforming a loving part


O' a wonder to behold is she

Joyful God granted her to me

Transfixed with her in my eyes

An image in perfect disguise



© Tim Hoffman

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Author: Tim Hoffman
I grew up in rural Lima, Ohio. My first poem was written in 1987. I didn't actually begin writing until 2002. I decided to finally compose a book because so many have told me I should. I am always constantly writing. Check Poetry and quotes from my Heart on Facebook
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