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•≈ Shred ≈•


To you I gave my heart

No matter how dark your tale

Always I remained for you

Nothing did I hold back

Forever would I have been true

Exactly why you did what you did

Never will I know

Never will I forget

You have shredded my heart

But I know now ‘twas not to be

So, now I look for strength within

Gradually, I know I’ll overcome

Because my heart deserves better

And one day, better I shall have

My mind and heart tells me true

It won’t be too long

I’ll forget about you


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Author: Tim Hoffman
I grew up in rural Lima, Ohio. My first poem was written in 1987. I didn't actually begin writing until 2002. I decided to finally compose a book because so many have told me I should. I am always constantly writing. Check Poetry and quotes from my Heart on Facebook
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