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It Has Taught Us Nothing But Competition. That Your Neighbours' Daughter And Son Cannot Out Do You Or Be Better Than You. It Has Taught Us That You Cannot Have It All To Yourself, All The Success, The Good Life, The Cars And The Money, While They Have Nothing But Their Old Rusty, Unfortunate And Misprivileged Life. It Has Taught The Youth That It's Taboo To Have Guy Friend, Because The Impression That They Get, Is That You Two Are In A Relationship. You Should Not, By Any Chance Be Seen With Any Guy Whatsoever, Be It Outside, Or Even Worse, At The Corners. It Compares Children From The Same Household And Determines Which It Likes Better And For What Reason. When It All Comes Shutting Down, It Sips On A 1.25 Litre Bottle Of Krest, Saying " We Saw It Coming. Where Exactly Did You Think You'll End Up At". The Smirks And Devious Facial Expressions It Shares With One Another, Is Only And Only Understood By Itself. It Does Not Teach You To Better Yourself, But To Live Under All Sort Of Status There Is - Mainly Pressure.  :// By The Way, The "IT" Is Society.



Is Society Your Neighbour, Or Mainly The Path You Walk On ? 

By : Lotii - Kay. 

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Author: Nkoloti Mofokeng
Wherever life might take you, it takes you there to learn and experience something new. No matter the cliché sayings we've heard from all around the world, eventually, one ends up speaking the same words out their mouths or end up living by it.


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