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(A cry is heard from a far)

           Mr Johnson!

(Panicking) that is the voice of my son, why could he be crying

( son enters crying)

                   Mr Johnson!

Why are you crying , and are you back from school so early?


​​​​dad is because of those bully boys again. They came and bully me again today, they said I am black, and that I am a monkey, they call me a slave, they say I don't belong here.

                Mr johnson

(smiling) thank God for Martin Luther, if not for him, of course we would still  be slave and seen as a monkey by this white people.



but dad, who is this Martin Luther, have heard of his name many times but I don't really know him.

              Mr Johnson

Sit down my son, let me tell you about martin Luther. You see my son , there was a time that we the blacks were not allow to associate ourselves with white people, we didn't live with them, we were not allow to buy from were they buy, not to talk of even going to the same school with them. The Racism was increasing day by day.  So Martin Luther stood up and said enough is enough to this racism. He fought for the freedom of the black.  He said he wanted an America whereby his future generation will be able to move freely without being bullied.    And today here we are in a new America.


but dad if truly he fought for our freedom, then why am I still bullied in school, and called a monkey.

                 M​​​​​r Johnson

th​​at is why you have to go back to school, and tell those bully boys that you are not a slave, that Martin Luther fought and gave you freedom. That you are just like them and have equal right like them, irrespective of the skin color.


Thank you Dad, am off to school.  Thank you to you Martin Luther were ever you are.

( Run off to school with confidence)

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Author: Mfreke Etuk
My name is Mfreke Etuk, a Nigerian by nationality. A graduate of creative writing, a script writer, novelist, dramatist etc.
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