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The main component of writing lies in conducting research or acquiring prerequisite information about the subject matter under discussion. Professional writers and poets have always confessed to needing a lot of information to communicate agenda and issues in their writing correctly.

After research, writers must always plan their work. In planning, the determination of what issues to address and which themes to advance must always come first. Otherwise, the writing could prove to be disoriented, could fail to carry the critical message home efficiently, or at worst, it could lack flow and direction. Whether you would wish to write a small poem, a detailed how-to-article, or a mega 3000-page novel, you must always plan.

Finally, writers must always read more than they write. Reading provides writers with immeasurable value via interacting with many other writing styles, plots, and information. Writers must always diversify the nature of their interactions so they can have broader readership appeal.


Impeccable grammar and sentence construction is crucial for a writer’s growth. Different clients and audiences require that writers maintain strict coherence with the different types of English. Readers from Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom detest reading texts that mix American, Canadian, Australian and British English. Do your research and keep your writing clean (grammatically correct) always.

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