The Discovery

Written by Carolyn Dye |
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Renee is in the living room on the couch. Marcus comes and seats next to her.

"I Love being here with you when your parents are gone." Marcus says.

Renee smiles "I guess you do." the two sit and watch a little Television. Renee seems a little Nervous about something but for the life of him Marcus can't place what it could be. "Prom night was wonderfull."

Renee states from no where. Marcus response. "Yes it was a great way to end my last few weeks of high school life." Renee wants to say something but can't find the words at the moment.

Marcus looks over at Renee thinks to himself if something is wrong  she'll tell him when she's ready.

"Renee what's wrong?" Marcus asks without thinking. "I have something to tell you but don't quite know how." Renee answers.

The two sit silently for what seemed like hours instead of minutes. "Marcus I'm late." Renee screamed without realizing she had.

Marcus looking shocked "Late for what?' Marcus replies.

Renee looked away before she answeres him. I'm late on my monthly Marcus."

Marcus jumped up from the couch looking dumbfounded. "Baby we were careful on prom night!"

Renee looking scared, says "I think I missed taking my birth control that night."

 Now Marcus is pacing the floor shaking his head. Renee gets up off the couch and touches Marcus shoulder. "Baby slow down You used a condom right?" Marcus stops looks Renee in the eyes "I think it broke, when I pulled out and went to take it off there was a hole in it." Renee is truly upset at this point. "Why would you not tell that than Marcus?" Marcus looks away. "I don't know wasn't thinking."

Renee doesn't know what to think or feel right now she can't be can she? What of her and Marcus futures? Marcus is pacing once again how could he be so careless? He and Renee's future are at stake. And they always dreamed of being husband and wife and with children but not in this order.

"Have you taken a test yet?" Marcus asked. "No I was waiting until you came over." Renee says to him.

Marcus tells Renee "Let's go upstairs to your room to take the test."

the two head upstairs to her room where the EPT test is waiting on her dresser.

She saysto Marcus, "I'm scared Marcus."

"Baby girl so am I but whatever happens I'm here." Marcus smiles to reassure her.

She goes to the bathroom sits and takes the test. He can't stand nor seat still. Renee comes out the bathroom. "well what does it say?' he asks Renee response "Don't know it takes 15 minutes for the results.

So for the next 15 minutes Renee and MArcus pace back and forth until the timer goes off.

She goes back into the bathroom to see the result. Marcus sits on her bed and waits what else could he do at this point?

Renee walks into the restroom picks up the test strip and smiles. she comes out and sits next to Marcuson the bed. "Marcus the test is." she hesitates holding her breathe. "It's what baby?" he asks

"It's negative, Marcus!" He breathes a sigh of relief. Renee jumps up and down happy their lives are not turned upside down by a discovery.

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Author: Carolyn Dye
I have been writing poetry and plays since third grade. I have two books of poetry on Something for the Soul volume 1&2. I have dreamed a being a well known writer and playwright for as long as I can remember.


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