The Importance of Good Grammar in Writing

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Proper grammar is an essential element of any writing. Notwithstanding a writer displaying creativity to a high level, they must ensure that their work is void of grammatical errors. The impression a reader gets when he detects poor grammar is not appealing. The reader is frequently put off and will lose confidence in reading the piece. Proper grammar is thus mandatory and should never be compromised.

The author is responsible for proofreading his work and, if possible, should use an editor in conjunction with a refining tool like Grammarly to review his writing upon completion. Writing tools will assist in eliminating many grammatical errors.

Having proper grammar will increase the confidence of readers in the author's work. Readers are particular and don't want to struggle to connect what the author intends to mean. The writing thus needs to be error free so that readers can be motivated and uninhibited in their reading. 

The confidence of the author is also heightened when he recognizes his own excellence in grammar. Imagine if your grammar is openly criticized in your presence. Now, if your grammar is impeccable, it will be applauded, and you will gain confidence. You will then receive the courage that keeps you going. Simply put, bad grammar is irritating, puts off many, and is an indication of an irresponsible writer. You may thus face shame and ridicule once your writing is exposed to the public. Strive to give your creative works the best structure and syntax possible to avoid such contempt.

It is clear that proper grammar creates an impressive look. Imagine if you are applying for a job and you need to prove yourself. If your application is void of grammatical errors, this will create an impressive look in the employer's view. You will stand a high chance of securing the job compared to a person who submits his application with many errors. The same principles apply when writing a creative work.

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