The Jara "Ship" Just Set Sail

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"Where we headed bitch?" I asked as he hauled me over his shoulder nonchalantly and carried me like a sack of potatoes. Well, I am brown as potatoes but that's not the point. He ignored me. I glared holes in his head and really wished my brother or one of his friends would really try to stop him. I didn't freak out because Jacob was a friend. Although Jacob Young didn't show it, he actually had emotions and I knew he liked me. If he didn't he wouldn't tolerate me.

When we got to the hall, Eli was on the carpeted floor, mashing the buttons of his controller as he played Call Of Duty WWII against his best friend, Paco, who looked like he wanted to pee his pants.

"Guys save me! Jacob has kidnaped me again!"

Paco looked at us then opened his mouth to speak, but my ever so loving brother, Eli, cut him off.

"Don't bother yourself. This is the fourth time this week. He always brings her back."

"Bye, Ezra," Paco waved and went back to his game. I sighed and decided to make myself comfortable. Jacob eventually stopped waking in front of his black Chevrolet Camaro. I loved the car, one of the reasons why I tolerated Jacob. He dumped me n the front seat and I buckled up. 

Jacob is naturally like this. He doesn't talk, he just nods and sighs and growls and chuckles and frowns. He doesn't smile or laugh. You could say he was a bad boy but he didn't always wear leather jackets, black boots, nor smoke cigarette. He was a good boy with a bad boy personality.

"Where are we going Jakey?" He winced at the name and I smirked. We had nicknames for each other. I called him Jakey and he called me Dumpling the few times he spoke. It was sweet.

"We're going to the Frontier Grill."

"Yay! You're the best Jakey!"

"You're welcome Dumpling."

He ruined the mood with the silly name. I rolled my eyes and turned on the radio. Clean Bandit was on playing Rockabye, a song from last year. We drove while he hummed and I enjoyed the music. When we got there, Jacob said we' orde to-go's and we'd go over to his place. 

I ordered a bacon burger, lots of cheese, medium, with onion rings and coke. My order cost less than ten dollars. Jacob, Mr. MacHealthy, ordered for a flax-crusted tuna burger with avocado aioli and an apple juice box. When I asked him about it he said he needed to stay fit to be able to impress me. Guys. Well, he didn't actually say that, he said he didn't want to be a fat mass in the future who would need surgery to remove the excess fat in him. He made me feel bad.

After grabbing our orders, we headed to his house. Jacob is one of those standoffish rich kids that hated their parents but loved the attention and money. Mrs. Young, who I like to call Tessa, is a housewife and likes to baby him. He hates it. When we got there she wasn't me nor was his workaholic dad. 

We headed to his room and relaxed on his bed, he turned on the tv and we watched reruns of my favorite cartoons while eating like carefree kids who just finished their exams and have forgotten that their results matter.

We were at opposite sides of the bed but he kept scooting closer until we were right next to each other. Jacob put his hand around me and I tensed before smiling and ignoring him. He wrapped his hands around me and placed me on his lap. I ignored him and focused on the cartoon instead. Sofia was practicing her stunts with Minimus, her flying derby horse.


"I'm kind of busy watching some animated series right now."

"I like you."

"Cool, I like you too. Now shut up and let me focus." I replied absentmindedly till I froze. Jacob likes me. He smiled. I glared at him. "I knew you liked me. Nobody can resist my charm and charisma."

He coughed. I smacked the back of his head. "Ow!"

"Shut up pretty boy."

"And there I was thinking I was Jakey."

"You are Jakey."

The Jara ship just set sail.


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Author: Juanita Smith
I'm Juanita but everyone calls me Juan, which is pronounced like the first number- one. And yes I am always at the top. I think writing is cool and I joined this website to better myself for my future career. I like ice cream and I'm only 14 and close to overweight (I don't know why I added that last part.)


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