The Last Bird From The Golden Age Of Ghazals

Written by P. S. Remesh Chandran |
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Music crosses borders of nations and oceans and reaches hearts of human beings in strange lands. God stands just behind those who sing, so close, that we will wonder who actually sings. Ghazals are Nature's wonderful creations in which the purest of passions, emotions and feelings are stored up so that grief-stricken human soul in loneliness can seek solace in it at any time as if it is in the presence of God. It is His ardence, affection and benediction, once in a lifetime, that flows through ghazals.

Ghazals originated in pre-Islamic Arabia, developed in Medieval Africa, Spain, Persia, Turkistan, Afghanistan, Hindustan and Russia and ended in Europe. They existed in this world for more than 1500 years. Since the diluting of their form, meter and rhyme by modern day poets, they are no longer going to remain, making the already created ones endearing. Great singers like present day Salman Alvi and Habib Wali Muhammad but continue to sing old ghazals and keep the interest in them alive. This is the story of ghazals and a musical maestro who keeps alive the world's interest in ghazals.

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The story of ghazals through ages. First published in August 2013.

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