The lies that lie

Written by Aska Makori |
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Nothing can break me, 
I am strong and fierce and maybe
I'll be able to move on and let you be
But it's all a lie.

Days come and go but I'm still here
Daily wishing I could hold you near
Maybe you'll help me chase the fear
That it was all a lie

You made me see the world from your point of view
Shattered my hopes I cant renew
How will I learn to love someone that's not you
Did you have to be a lie?

It's crazy that my heart still beats for you
Crashed, you left it black and blue
Was there any part that was true?
Was it all a lie?

The moments were for us
The feelings were to last
The kisses were Judas'
All a lie

If your heart could beat again would it beat for me?
If you could live again, would you live for me?
If you could ask for one last time, would you spend it with me?
And keep on telling the lies

You made me believe the lies
I believed the lies
Make me believe more lies
As long as I have you here
If only I could have you here
For the lies that lie

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Author: Aska Makori
Living my life, just living in Kenya.
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