The Other Woman

Written by Maria Sharon Moemise |
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The other woman.    
                                 Sharon Maria Moemise 

'cos I make you king on your mattress throne
Or that I just make pillow talk interesting
Is it cos I worship the ground you walk on
Or that my loving is hotter than her nagging?

You leave my bed cold  yet satisfied
to crawl next to her in the deep of the night
Your dreams are of me in my naked seduction
while a peck on her cheek makes everything else right

I'm the other woman, here to make you forget
for only a moment where your heart should be
With my womanly wiles and perfumed assets
I entrap you in a world where there's only me

Allowing you to to own my soul for a moment
Letting you exploit my body to your desires
Whispers of endearment in my ears you fill
I'm the other woman, stoking up your hidden fires

Being the other woman, showered with glamour
Gifts in abundance, and the best of his passion
It's still a lonely business, being the one on the side
A passing phase, at times, a deadly, sinful attraction.




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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Maria Sharon Moemise
Writing, for me, was a means of therapy. I found that when I was sad, I wrote better. I've attempted to find inspiration by thinking happy thoughts, but I found that it was not to be. Most of my work is about sadness, abuse, death, lost or unrequited love or about reassertion?


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