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It's 05:10 AM and the alarm goes on. It's again another day to start a mission which I have committed myself to. I turn it off to continue with my sleep and wake up a couple of minutes later. And as always, I first start of by plugging the heater on and fix my hair. I bath, get half dressed and decide whether or not to have breakfast. I come to a conclusion that I can do with just a small bowl of cereal. I head to the front of the yard to open the gate, and as I do so, I can literally feel the savage breeze creep through my thick bones and and thin skin, which is enough to keep you shaking for the rest of the day. It's now 07:03 and I leave the house. I get to the bus stop and wait for the bus, which decided to come at it's own time which it found suitable to pitch up at. It arrives and I get in. We get to the main station where I board the bus which will take me to the headquaters of where I am trained to be a mission completer of what I aspire to be in the future. While a small population of the world is on a mini vacaction, I'm at at still. A friend of mine, Shaka Billion, send me a text and said " Sleep is for the rich". We laughed about and made a promise that, we too, have to get to that level, one way or the other. 

As I enter the building, I ask myself if all this is worth it?. I mean, I could stay at home and be the master of all soapies, dramas, talk shows, latest music, news and whatever there is to know about them as well being the master of time which they show case on TV, but I choose not to. I like good things. Good food, clothes, handbags, accessories and heels, and where excatly would I get all that if I do not grind ?. 

So basically, The Plan is to make it work. No matter how difficult it may get, challenges I might encounter and whatever sacrifices I have to make, just to assure that it pulls through and becomes a success, I will do it. Why?, because I want to make it work. Why?, That's The Plan.

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Author: Nkoloti Mofokeng
Wherever life might take you, it takes you there to learn and experience something new. No matter the cliché sayings we've heard from all around the world, eventually, one ends up speaking the same words out their mouths or end up living by it.


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