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Portugal’s heritage as a wine growing country dates back four thousand years and ever since this time, the country has been producing some of the best wines available on the global market. Portugal primarily produces its own grapes that are meant to be used for wine production and as such, most Portuguese wine is made from native grapes that are grown in various wine growing regions. In light of this fact, Portuguese wine is most often than not classified depending on the region of the grape that actually goes into making the wine. Consequently, some of the most common wine types in the country include: Duoro wine, Vinho Verde wine among others.

Wine Regions

As earlier alluded to, Portugal’s wine mainly comes from the wine growing regions. The country’s wine growing regions are known all over the globe for the quality of their grapes and natural beauty associated with the landscape. One of the most interesting facts with respect to Portugal’s wine regions is the fact that the regions have been grouped into three distinct categories and these categories are defined according to the type of grapes they produce. Some of the regions have been classified into their respective categories on account of the quality of the wine produced.

Some of the most popular wine growing regions in Portugal include: Vinho Verde, Bairrada, Arruda, Madeira, Logoa, Colares among others. The cultural appeal of wine making across the European region is one of the reasons that have precipitated the popularity of Portuguese wine making regions. This is because, most people are attracted to the idea of wine making and as such, wine making regions such as the wines situated in Portugal are considered tourist attraction sites that attract both local and international tourists as well.

Portugal's Wine Regions

  • Alenquer
  • Alentejo
  • Arruda
  • Bairrada
  • Beira Interior
  • Bucelas
  • Carcavelos
  • Colares
  • Dão
  • Douro
  • Encostas d'Aire
  • Lagoa
  • Lagos
  • Madeira
  • Madeirense
  • Óbidos
  • Palmela
  • Porto
  • Portimão
  • Tejo
  • Setúbal
  • Tavira
  • Távora-Varosa
  • Torres Vedras
  • Trás-os-Montes
  • Vinho Verde
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