The Witching Hour

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Children believe in the witching hour as a very bad part of the night which is at 12 in the morning. If a child is awake by this time, they are very afraid that something bad is going to happen to them. Their hearts start to beat very fast. Some kids believe that the witching hour is when all the terrible things happen. 

This is what a kid that I interviewed thinks about the witching hour.


"Do you believe in the witching hour?"

"Yes I do and I do not like it at all."

"What do you think the witching hour is?"

"I think it is when all the bad people like giants, thieves, witches and wizards come out in the open."

"What do they come out to do?"

"They come to curse us and to do what it is that they please to do."

"Are you afraid of the witching hour?"

"Not really but I do not want to be awake at that time."


"How did you know about the witching hour?"

"My parents used to tell me about it when I was young and my classmates talk about it all the time."

"Have ever been awake during the witching hour?"

"No and I would not want to be awake at that time."

"Who is your least favorite between those who come out during the witching hour?"

"The giants are my least favorite because they are brutal and huge they can destroy my bed within a second.


"Where did you see a giant?"

"I saw a giant in a movie."

"Did you enjoy seeing the giant?"

"No, I would not want to see it again?

"Why, was it scary?"

"It was very scary."

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