This Big heart

Written by Aska Makori |
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Because you see this big heart

It's open for everyone

But I've reserved that one special part

For my special someone

That person who sees my extras but still stays

And by extras I'm not talking about sex

My childishness, my moods, my emotions, my linen's stains

The fact that I can be strong most of the time but once in a while I need to flex 

And in case I sprain, will you care?

Because I don't get too comfortable with everyone

So if I'm open, free, needy, annoying, emotional and always there

I'm not taking advantage of the fact that we are becoming one

I'm trusting you with a piece of me that I've protected from pain and hurt

So please be patient with me when it comes to love

It's the new language I'm teaching my heart

And this bubbly, childish, annoying habit is all I have

But in case I'm too much for you

Please walk without thrashing my little pump

Don't lower my self love or esteem too

Because in my throat will grow a big lump

And my pillow will feel the soak

And the echo will swallow my sobs

And tick tock, tick tock will go the clock

And I'll finally heal, build up my walls and higher my knobs

But that special moment we once shared

Will forever be dead and gone

And this big heart will forever be scared

Of the pain being reborn

So don't ask me why I changed

Don't ask me what happened to us

Don't ask me why around you I'm deranged

Don't ask me why nowadays I ignore and pass

I grew up

Just like you wanted me to

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Author: Aska Makori
Living my life, just living in Kenya.
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