To the skies

Written by Paul Almos |
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To the skies

Written by Paul Almos 



 Staring at the stars in the night sky can be such an amazing and often relaxing activity, but also it can bring so many questions, the possibilities are endless, with every science fiction book, comic, or movie out there. One of the biggest questions that loom over you when staring at the stars, or gazing upon them with our telescopes are we alone? at this very moment is there life on another planet doing the same thing as us? is there anyone staring back at me? like i stated before, there are so many question... look to the skies....

 "Oh my god Micheal can you be any more of a dork?" Michelle says laughing, with a grin on my face i answer " Yes, absolutley but dont judge me, you know i am just awesome" Michelle laughs and says " yeah, yeah, keep telling yourself that" as Michelle playfully pushes me towards the bank of the lake, I say " hey, i could have fell in and i know you wouldnt be the one to save me either princess, with your fear that you have and all" with a grin on my face i can almost feel Micelles eyes on me piercing my like red hot daggers. Michelle says " Really?  dont make fun, and your one to talk mister im so deathly afraid of snakes" Michelle tickled to death covers her mouth laughing so much at what she said, she got a real kick out of it. I bust out with laughter, and say "Hey now, thats a legit fear, its not my fault they look the way they do with there scary ass tounges, fangs, scales and not to mention venom, ugh! they are just creepy things that i wont ever be friends with or conquer my fear, because inot worth the time to do so" i laugh as quickly as i say this. Michelle about in tears from laughing says " okay scaredy cat, its okay, if we come across a snake on the trail, dont worry i will save you and catch it and take it off the trail just for you, okay?" As i look at Michelle with one eyebrow raised i say " you promise?" Michelle laughs again and replies " of course" i hold out my pinky finger and say "say it?" Michelle wraps her finger around mine and says " I Pinky promise" I add " if it makes you feel any better if we come across any spiders on this trailer i will do the same thing for you" Michelle shakes her head saying "nope nope nope, you can kill them when you see them, no need to keep them alive" I laugh and say " its a deal then, you take care of the snakes and ill take care of spiders" we both laugh and i add " see we are the most awesome team there has ever been" Michelle smiles and says "yep, yep". 

Sunset is approaching as we continue to walk along the bank on the trail, thinking to myself we should probably head back to the car now before it gets any later and we get caught out here with no lights or anything. so i say to Michelle " yeah so we might end up facing a mountain lion out here, so i dont think we should stay out here much longer, we should head back" Michelle says " are you sure its the mountain lion or the fact that snakes may be out more at night?" I grin and say " maybe both, but why chance it? we can go to the truck and watch the stars" Michelle says " okay, okay, well get out of the woods, and yeah lets talk and watch the stars we havent done that in a while"

 Walking back towards the parking lot, the shade of the trees puts an erie lighting on the trail, it seems the sunset is beating us and we are losing light, we are 30 minutes from the parking lot an we have a good solid 20 mins of light left, we both notice this and i reach for Michelle's hand, she grabs my hand and we pick up the pace just a litle bit quicker. The day wasnt really to hot of a summers day, the cool breeze coming in with the approaching night felt pretty nice, it had been really hot and humid the last few days so this has been a really nice change in the weather. Breathing in the sweet cool air was refreshing,  i really enjoy walking in the woods, i love the out doors, almost as much as walking with her, acutally to be honest there is nothing as good as being with her walking, or just hanging out, even doing the smallest things with Michelle. I glance towards her as we enter the paking lot, we made it there in 30 mins, so it has been night for about 10 mins so far the stars were already out and lighting up the country sky, speaking of lighting up i stand glarring at Michelle whos beautiful blue eyes are lit up by the moon light, so mesmorizing, almost resembling two glowing gems in the night. I take a breath and say " well lets drop the tailgate and get the star gazing underway" Michelle smiles and says " okay dork, you still have the blanket in youor took box right?'' i say " of course i do, im not going to take your blanket out of the truck, ithere is actually quite a bit of your stuff in my truck" Michelle giggles and says " yeah i do have alot of stuff in your truck, so? " I laugh dropping the tailgate and walking to the toolbox and pulling out a camo blanket, i spread it over the truck bed and reach down and pick up Michelle to give her a boost into the truck. I the hop up in the back we lay and watch the stars, laughing and talking bout work and annoying people around us that we know, like we always do. 

 Just as we started talking about what to do this upcoming weekend, a shooting star comes slinging its way across the sky catching my eye, I say " oh wow look at that a shooting star" Michelle says " oh awesome we have to make a wish" while looking at Michelle i think to myself, My wish has already came true, i lay there grinning and staring at Michelle. another star shoots by, then another,  I say " wow! is there a meteor shower tonight or something?" Michelle answers " I dont know?" then she lets out a slight gasp, i turn my eyes to where she was looking, i see about 4 shooting stars, or meterorites, one looks alot closer and then it slams into the side of a mountain with a hugh boom. seconds later the  rest of follow hitting different areas explosions echoing through the mountains and bounching over the lake. I look at Michelle we are both sitting now staring with amazement because we have both never seen anything like this ever. I say " maybe we should head back princess? " Michelle replies with a kinda scared tremble in her voice " Yes i think we head back to town these are getting really close to us" and she starts laughing and grinns while she says " i know you dont have full coverage insurance on your truck so we should leave before it gets hit" 

standing up i hop down off the tailgate and reach up to grab Michelle and help her down I say " okay punk lets go" and i laugh and she smiles and winks at me. i grab the blanket close the tail gate and toss the blanket back in the toolbox and we both hop in the truck.

 As we head back to town we keep seeing the meterites fall to the ground, I say " this is crazy" Michelle says " I know right this has got to be one of the craziest things i have ever seen" " me too" i reply. Driving down the backroad i see something come running out of the tree line in front of my truck as Michell screams "watch out " i hit the breaks but its to late i hit it and the truck slides to a stop in the middle of the road, i get out of the truck and go to the fron of it, one of my headlights is busted and damage to the fender i say " fuck!" Michelle gets out of the car and walks over to me and we both look at the damage and then walk behind the truck we see whats laying in the middle of the road, grapping my phone i turn on the flashlight app and walk over, as the light hits the body i suddenly stop. "Michelle, hop in the truck, " looking confused as she stares at the bdy she says "what is that?" " i dont know, but lets get you back in the truck, and im going to take a closer look after i get my 45 out of the truck" Michelle loks at me and shakes her head and says " no Micheal im nbot going to leave you out here alone with it lets go get the gun and we will both look at it together" I say in protest to her "NO we dont know what it is i want you in the truck where your safe< i will be ok" MIchelle doesnt budge on it " no im not going to go sit in the stupid truck im staying out here with you and thats that"  i say "fine " as i sigh and we head over to the door and i grab my gun, and turn around and head back to the body, handing michelle my phone so i can hold the gun and she can shine the light we get closer, the body looks almost like a greenish metallic tint, from the head down to the middle of the back, it looks like hair but more like spikes, the feet look almost like a regular foot but # toes and a spike coming out of the heal, its head looks like its wearing a helmit but its almost just like a vary pecular face, huge eyes, no visable mouth but slants just ender the eyes and no nose, Michelle gasps, i lean down to roll it over to take a better look and Michelle turns on the video and starts recording just when i go to grab it to roll it on its back, MIchelle says " michael!" i jump and look back at her "she kinda giggles but not alot " be carefull" i say " dont worry ill be ok" holding the gun towards its head with my left hand i reach with my right hand and turn it, its sholder feels cold as ice but almost feels like rubber then metallic as it looks. its layed there on its back its very big. it doesnt look like its breathing or anything. " if this is a prank im going to be pissed, this thing is almost to unreal" michelle says " this is scary, i dont like this lets just get back in the truck we will go to town and go to the police station and show them this video" hearing her i shake my head yes " first let me try to see if i can take this mask or helmit off" i put my hand on its head and it feels just like he shoulder did, i think to my self is this a costume? i set my gun on the pavement and reach next to the neck to see if i can pull it. not noticing its hands or anything but michelle did and she grabbed my sholder with a scared look on her face " Micheal its hand moved, " i grab my gun and look at its hand for a second it lays still, i go to look back at its face and my eyes meet glowing green eyes, i jump bak and yell " get to the truck michelle, " she starts running as i back up it starts standing, its easy 7 foot tall monster i raise my gun it rases its arm, it looks like there is something attached to it, i fire hitting it 3 times in the chest, i hear a very loud screech and it bolts in to the woods. i walk over to where i shot it noticing a glowing blue liquid, i see a trail of it going in to the woods i wounded it, i run and hop in the truck locking the doors and handing michelle the gun. i say " i wonded it, Michelle this is crazy but i think that was an alien, i believe the meteorites werent meteroites at all i think they were space ships!" Michelle looking terrified says " lets  go lets just get out of here before it or others come back " i throw the truck in to gear and peel out  of there heading to town.......



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Author: Paul Almos
My name is Paul Almos I am a writer of quite a few formats, I write in a Sci-fi, horror, thriller, and love catagories, I enjoy writing, I take pride in it, creating things and people has always been a passion of mine since I was little, not only do I write stories I also write lyrics and poems as well.


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