Tomar: Portugal's Magical and Wondrous Town

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You will feel the life, spirit, and history of Tomar Portugal the moment you walk its streets.

Follow along with the River Nabao which runs through the narrow streets of Tomar, across ancient bridges, as you make your way to the beautiful churches found here with wondrous statues, ceiling paintings, and architecture dating back to the 12th century.

Walk through the Convento de Cristo and Castelo de Tomar and imagine yourself back to a time when the Knights Templar roamed across Europe and this was the seat of their power. The intricate carvings and secluded Cloisters will fill your imagination as you envision priests and knights walking the corridors or gazing out at the landscape this Castle dominates.

Search for the secret passageways between the Castle and the Santa Maria dos Olivais church that is rumored to exist. Visit The Castle of Almourol nearby said to be haunted by a beautiful princess mourning her lost love.

Travel through the lush green surroundings of one of the most fertile areas in Portugal to one of the river beaches along the Nabao and enjoy the cool, clean waters.

In the evening enjoy a leisurely dinner at one of the many fine restaurants as you relax in the atmosphere where old-fashioned service and quality are prided over the hustle and bustle of larger cities

The city of Tomar is a magical place to visit, giving us a pathway back in history to a momentous time that helped shape the future of Portugal. 

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