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The Birds of Yosemite

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
The songs of the Yosemite winds and waterfalls are delightfully enriched with bird song, especially in the nesting time of spring and early summer. The most familiar and best known of all is the common robin, who may be seen every day, hopping about briskly on the meadows and uttering his cheery, en Read More

The Yosemite South Dome

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
With the exception of a few spires and pinnacles, the South Dome is the only rock about the Valley that is strictly inaccessible without artificial means, and its inaccessibility is expressed in severe terms. Nevertheless many a mountaineer, gazing admiringly, tried hard to invent a way to the top o Read More

Portugal's Junta de Freguesia de Dornes

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
Bordered by the beautiful Zêzere river, Junta de Freguesia de Dornes is home to a traditional Greek-style village that is home to approximately 700 people, giving it that Portuguese small-town charm. One of the peninsula's most famous attributes is its gorgeous beach, if one is brave enoug Read More

10 Things to Know About Okinawa, Japan Before Visiting

Written by Muneerah Bee
You’ve probably seen picturesque scenes of the island, the sandy beaches, and big blue skies. Often cited as a paradise island, Okinawa is a popular tourist destination and famed for showing a different side of Japan. If you’re thinking of heading there, here are some things about Japan& Read More

Istanbul's Hagia Sophia: A History of Two Cultures and an Architectural Marvel

Written by Seweryn
Istanbul, one of the most popular cities in Europe for weekend trips, annually hosts over 8 million tourists. This number places it among the ten most-visited metropolises in the world. Located in the area between two continents, Europe and Asia, is this thriving industrial and cultural center. You Read More

Portugal's Jardim das Portas do Sol

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
One of Portugal's best places to visit is the city of Santarém's Jardim das Portas do Sol. The Jardim is a feast for the senses. The views are spectacular, the food is fantastic, and the area is rich with history. Translated, the Garden of the Sun Gate has been a favorite of tourists Read More
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