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Vienna: Capital of Austria and Cultural Capital of the Western World

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
Vienna is the enlightened capital city of Austria and home to more than 1.9 million people. It is among the nine states that are found in the country and is renown for several reasons. The city serves as an administrative center, political center, economic center, and cultural music mecca. Read More

Precious Time Spent in the Glow of Monaco

Written by Lilit Mkrtchyan
Grace Kelly, the princess of Monaco, left her bright career in Hollywood and moved to Monaco to live a fulfilling life with her prince. When she was offered a role to play in another Hollywood movie, she refused the offer because of her devotion to saving the tiny Principality of Monaco. A fasci Read More

Taipei, Taiwan: Facts, Travel, and Points of Interest

Written by Collins Obara
Taipei city is a modern metropolis located on the northern tip of Taiwan. As a capital city, Taipei is known as a prominent economic and cultural hub. This island has a lot to offer with years of contested and exciting history.  Being among the best in design and shopping to a city full of Read More

Baleal and Its Impressive Geology

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
The picturesque fisherman's village of Baleal is located on a peninsula, connected to mainland Portugal by a stretch of golden sand and a thin stretch of beach.  The clean, unspoiled beaches along with the cool breezes, make it the ideal place to relax and play in the ocean. Enjoy a long st Read More

Lisbon's Impressive Jerónimos Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jeronimos), Facts

Written by SodaCoffee Staff
Jerónimos Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos) is one of the most impressive examples of wealth and power that Portugal had during the Age of Discovery. It is one of the best examples of European Gothic architecture in the whole of Portugal. Located in Lisbon, the Mostei Read More

Is Portuguese Food as Good as the Portuguese Think It Is

Written by Mark Pringle
Is Portuguese food as good as the Portuguese people say and think it is? The answer to that question is simple, yes, …and no. Let me explain. After I first moved to Portugal at the beginning of 2017, many of my Portuguese friends would ask me, “How do you like Portugal?” Howeve Read More
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