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"Oh please! How many times will I tell you that my husband is taken?"

"We are following orders madam"

"What orders? Orders to rape my husband? Force yourselves on him? He is not interested, ok? Now get lost!"

"We'll have to use force then"

"What the..."

I don't get to finish, the effect of the glove takes all the fight out of me. The impact of the electric shock paralyzes me; the last thing I see is the muscular woman's eyes staring down at me then everything goes black. The paralyzing effect, however, is only temporary, and there are no burns or other after-effects caused by the shock. My eyelids flip open and for a second, I can't recognize where I am. I'm seated on the floor in an empty black space.


I shouldn't have yelled; the echo hits me with so much force, I think my ear drums burst.


I whisper this time and it sounds like a normal sound. Where am I? I get up but sit back down, what if this is a trap? So I crawl with my right hand before me just in case I come in contact with a wall, wrong move, the next shock knocks me out like a blow to the solar plexus.

"Is she awake?"

"She's coming to"

The voices are so far yet too near. This time, I slowly open my eyes and I'm surrounded by glass walls, or so I thought; they all come alive and on the screen before me, I see a large crowd of people seated like they're in some kind of a court. On the screen behind me, there's a man seated at a higher place, he is dressed like a religious leader. Is it a vicar? A pope? A reverend? But why is he wearing a white wig on his head like a judge? On his left hand, he's carrying a cross and on his right, a gavel. He is wearing a rosary on the neck and large spectacles.He downs the gavel on the wooden block and the echo comes again. I raise my hands to cover my ears but they are cuffed together.


The man yells and the echo comes again, I can't keep up with this, I'll become deaf. I curl on the floor and reach for my ears to cover them from the echo...

"Please stop, please stop, make it stop...please, please..."

I beg with tears now threatening to flow. A woman standing by the vicar brings out a long scribe and starts reading from it.

"Today's case is based on the book of Isaiah 4:1 and I quote:

"In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, "We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace!"

End of quote. May the court session proceed"

Now the screen to my side comes alive and Solomon, my husband is displayed. 

"Six women are ordered to stand up and claim him, only six. More or less of that and his lordship will have to make the decision"

The lady continues.

To my surprise, all the women in court stand and start shouting.



"I'm a widow with five kids, please concider!"

And another

"The bible says, no one shall lack a mate, please don't put me to shame!"

"I saw him first"


"Give him to me!"

They go on and on and on till the vicar downs his gavel again.

"Silence! Because you have refused to cooperate, I will choose six women myself" He says. 

My grief is too much now. Why choose wives for my husband? He is mine monogamously; I will only share him with my children. 

"No, no one will choose a wife for MY husband!" I scream but the effect of the echo is too much I'm now kneeling on the floor holding my head. 

"And who gives you the right to speak? You are in custody because you are preventing us from doing the work of God. The bible says what you've just heard it say and no one shall stand in God's way"

"The bible also says two shall become one, not seven"

I defend.

"Blasphemy! That woman is using the bible in vain!"

A woman from the crowd shouts. 

"Silence I said. We are living in the end times and only the bible can save us. We will defend God's work no matter what. Now woman, for obstructing holy justice, I sentence you to eternal conjugal starvation. As for the six women, you will be teleported to to your husband's house at midnight after I choose. Court adjourned!"

I open my mouth to say something but don't get the chance. He downs the gavel once again and this time the screens go black once again; everything goes black. I didn't hear any movement neither did I see the person with the electric gloves; I just felt the shock once again and blacked out.

I lie down on my condemnation bed and think...they say end times are here, that it's written in the bible; when men are less and women countless, when wrongs are covered by summons from the bible, when hypocrites seat at higher places in the name of God, when women have risen above men and men submit like powerless beings, when marriages are done online and spouses teleported to their matrimonial beds. Have I told you that the court chooses who you'll love? These are the times when technology is just what it is and echoes silence all utterance, black out is electrically executed using mare gloves and and walls are made of electric waves. But the bible says nothing about this, does it?

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Author: Aska Makori
Living my life, just living in Kenya.
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