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I'm Not All About The Fake Life Anymore. All The Pretending And Taking It All In, Waiting For The Right Time To Burp And Spit It All Out, Has Officially Come To An End. Fake Relationships For Time Pushing And Wanting To See If Real Love Is There, Waiting To Catch Feelings Whilst Still Being Fully Entertained By Infatuation And Lust - Friendships Which Are Conditional And Known When In Moments Together, With Big Smiles On Our Pretty Faces Yet With Impure Hearts On The Inside, That's Not For Me. 

Let's Talk About Staying In And Watching Movies All Day Long. Going Out With People Who Know My Worth And On The Same Page As Me. Going To Business Conferences And Making Business Deals. Building The 'Living' Empire And Most Importantly Loving Myself Fearlessly And Deeply Within And Outside Whatever Boundaries There Are, Standing For Myself And By Myself ...        That's Totally For Me.

                                                                I'm Doing It. I'm Winning ¡



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Author: Nkoloti Mofokeng
Wherever life might take you, it takes you there to learn and experience something new. No matter the cliché sayings we've heard from all around the world, eventually, one ends up speaking the same words out their mouths or end up living by it.


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