Universal inversion

Written by Florence Ezekiel |
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Cursed love - puzzled world

chock full of anguish and misery

one SARAH-angel faced

and MICHAEL-hosea dealt with

just as Francine rivers had depicted 

in her ink. Hearts of men are carved of mountains

Dry tears in the eyes of the beloved

Promises are made for gains

Lust kinged over love

Guilt plowed over grounds of innocense

Forgiveness is a foreign word

Peace is an enemy to war with 

A world of humanic demonic humans

Where maidens are used to condemnation 

And children know wider than the world

Rifts quickens apart between fathers and sons

The breeze carries stench of rotten homes

Preceding the soft caresses of the winds touch of hate

Dreams failed. Depictions even holds no sense

Frailty found strength in the hands of the blanks minds

There has become law in lawlessness 

Oh! Hearts have seen

And eyes bemuse at this inversion 

Can there ever be a man void of selfish thoughts? 

will ever come a sroo to this unrepairable spoilage? 



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Form of Poetry

Blank verse

Author: Florence Ezekiel
I am Florence Ezekiel. Born 2000 January 12. I'm from a family of seven and the very first born of the Ezekiel's. I graduated from ultimate pride academy in the year 2016 on the 15 of December. I started writer at age 14, thus far, no publishing yet.
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