When in Seville, Spain, Don't Miss the Horse and Carriage Tour

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When in Spain one can't miss visiting Sevilla - a city with an old world charm. And when in Sevilla one can't miss the horse-drawn carriage tour. Take a comfortable train journey from Madrid to reach Sevilla.

The city and its people have so much warmth that no one feels like a stranger there. In your very first visit to the city - you fall in love with it. The narrow, quiet lanes all lead you to the ancient times.

In the heart of the town is a magnificent cathedral which spells divinity all around. Just outside the cathedral, one can find the royal horse-drawn carriages, and everyone must experience it. These carriages can also be hired from other points of interest in the city. A forty-five minute to one hour ride on the carriage gives you a feeling of royalty and leaves you splendid as it takes you to every vital monument and place of interest in Sevilla. When on this carriage you get to travel in the city, with the usual traffic and appreciate the horse that's pulling it, as it understands the language of the master and knows where to stop and how. A typical carriage comfortably can accommodate about four people. You can experience the romance in the city as it takes you to all the important points from Plaza de España to Parque de Maria Luisa to practically everywhere. 

Plaza de España
Plaza de España

This is one beautiful, romantic experience which once in Sevilla you can't afford to miss.

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Author: Swati Bisht


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