You Are Mine

Written by boygene borice |
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If the world was possess-able,

And having it much possible,

I could have given it to you,

As the only owner and inheritor.


My Love, what can I give you?

Your worth is beyond materials,

Your glory more than all the treasures,

You are incomparable and inestimable.


You have served my heart with adoration,

Driven my soul with compassion,

Built me up with affection,

You have made me who I am today.


You saw in me a hero when they saw a loser,

You saw in me a father when they saw a mediocre,

You saw in me greatness when they saw poverty,

How you overlooked their beliefs of me.


Today, my Love,

This vow I take with honesty and sincerity,

To let the world know,

You are my only Love for life.

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: boygene borice
Boygene Borice is a young talented Kenyan, who writes poetry and inspirational books. His life revolves around books, and if there was one thing that he honors is poetry and books that bring value to life. He has passion in leadership, social welfare, environmental issues, virtuous politics, family care and child care.


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